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A workshop on the employment of deaf persons and their freedom of movement takes place


On May 14 the workshop „Employment and the Freedom of Movement” was held by the Latvian Association of the Deaf in Riga, commencing a cycle of three–day events during the project „Active for the Future”.

At the workshop, based on the experience in Latvia and other EU Member States and on the current situation in the field of employment of people with hearing disability, discussions on the employment challenges for people with hearing disability and the ways and methods of developing an inclusive labour market were held. The discussion participants addressed a number of issues which the society should tackle in the future and which are urgent for the organisations of the deaf in Europe, including the goal set by the public organisations and the public sector in the field of employment of the deaf.

The discussion participants reported on the performance of public organisations that contribute to the employment of people with disabilities and to raising their quality of life. The discussions lead to a conclusion that in the future, governments, public organisations and cooperation partners have to focus on social entrepreneurship, geographic and professional mobility and the competitiveness of people with hearing disability in the common labour market of the European Union. The employments challenges in the aspect of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities were especially addressed. The importance of these issues in Latvia was emphasised by the president of the Latvian Association of the Deaf Edgars Vorslovs.

The issues addressed at the workshop will serve as a basis for further discussions that will be held in Riga, on 15-16 May, in the continuation of the project.

The project “Active for the Future” of the society Latvian Association of the Deaf, agreement identification No 2014.LV/PR/12/11, is implemented in the framework of Latvian State budget funded programme, “Support for Public Participation in Implementing the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union”.


Information prepared by: Aija Sannikova, project manager


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